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Power Plant Systems

We see ourselves as partners in the area of power plant systems for big engine manufacturers, power plant designer and power plant operators. Both for the operation with heavy fuel oil and for gas or regenerative liquid fuels we offer a wide range of modularized systems.

Special systems being generated for power plants with single or multi-engine systems which are provides the engines with fuel, water, lubricating oil and air. We turn special attention towards a high degree of modularization since these plants must be often built in shortest time on the spot and put into operation. By modular systems you reach that the individual modules on the spot as a plug-and-play component must be only joined together. A long production flow on-site is dropped with that.

Pre-pressure module

Pre-pressure modules are used for the supply for diesel engines and tied into fuel system between day tank and the circulation module. The fuel (heavy fuel oil, crude oil, diesel oil) is filtered in accordance with the performance data of the different engine manufacturers.

Circulation module

The circulation module is tied into the fuel system. The preheating, the pressurization and the adjustment of the viscosity is carried out on these modules. These modules pump the fuel “in the circle” and integrate the fuel oil not used up again to use the preheating as efficiently as possible.

Bio-oil module

Vegetable oil or animal greases are used as alternative fuels.

Combined lube oil / water module

These modules unite the lubricating oil and the water system on a frame. They are arranged centrally in front of every engine. The piping is led mainly underfloor.

Lubricating oil module

The lubricating oil module is tied into the engine lubricating circuit. The most important aggregates of the lubricating oil system are integrated on these modules: lube-oil filter, lubricating oil cooler, control valve, depending on system requirements also the lube-oil pump.

Tailor made solutions


In this special designed 40‘-container all relevant systems are integrated: air compressor, fuel oil module, water supply module, lubricating oil fill-up module, lubricating oil separator module, nozzle cooling water module.