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Marine Systems

In the area of marine shipbuilding we plan, design and produce a broad segment of modularized systems for all ship types in the periphery of ship engines.

In close coordination with shipyards, owners, engine manufacturers and operators we develop system solutions of a single module up to the complete supply with all relevant systems like e.g. fuel oil, cooling water, lubrication oil and air.

All modules are checked and tested on our test bed in accordance with the prevailing regulations of the classification societies.

Our modules are already today worldwide in use on ships; we give you a small summary with the following module types.


Fuel oil supply module

Fuel oil supply modules are used for the supply for diesel engines and tied into fuel system between day tank and the engine. The fuel (heavy fuel oil, crude oil, diesel oil) is processed in accordance with the performance data of the different engine manufacturers (pressure, purity, viscosity).


Lubricating oil module

The lubricating oil module is tied into the engine lubricating oil circuit.
The most important aggregates of the lubricating oil system are integrated on these modules: lube-oil filter, lubricating oil cooler, control valve, depending on system requirements also the pre-lubricating pump.


HT/LT cooling water module

The HT cooling water system serves the direct heat dissipation (direct cooling circuit) produced by the engine.
The most important aggregates of the HT system are integrated on these modules: HT pump, control valve and if necessary the pre-heating unit.
The LT cooling water system serves the indirect heat dissipation produced by the engine (indirect cooling circuit).
The most important aggregates of the LT system are integrated on these modules: LT pump, LT cooler and control valve.


Burner module

A burner module provides the burner for thermal oil boiler or steam boiler with fuel. The igniting oil pumps and fuel supply pumps are on the module.


Leak-oil tank module

This module was equipped with a 1200 litres leak-oil tank and a macerator. It serves the treatment of the leak oil to burn it in a boiler.


Separator module

We offer special solutions for separator modules. These individual modules fulfill the requirements of all leading separator manufacturers.
For some projects we have worked together with separator manufacturers to build custom made solutions.
We design and produce tailor made separator modules for HFO, MDO and lube oil, if standard systems do not meet space or performance requirements.


MGO module

New environmental legislations require the usage of low sulfur MGO fuels. Due to the low specific viscosity it is essential to control fuel temperatures in the fuel oil system. We offer modular systems to prepare your vessel for a safe MGO operation.

After an investigation of the individual situation on board your vessel we offer you the most reliable and economical solution which can be a LT water cooling module or in some cases an Active-Cooler Module.

Please contact us and we will find the solution which suits your needs.


Gas valve unit

LNG - an alternative fuel - with GenSys module solutions

Our gas valve unit (GVU) is the consequent development to offer all engine relevant systems from one source.
Classification admittance by DNV-GL, NK, ABS, LR and BV. The GVU is designed as-build on a frame for installation in ex-zones in explosion proof design, or within a cover in either horizontal or vertical position for installation in safe area.

                                        Function of the gas valve unit in connection with the DF-engine:

                                        ► Gas leakage test by engine control system before engine start
                                        ► Control of the pressure of the gas feed into the dual-fuel engine
                                        ► Quick stop of the gas supply at the end of the DF-operation mode
                                        ► Quick stop of the gas supply in case of an emergency stop
                                        ► Purging of the gas distribution system and the feed pipe with air after
                                        ► Purging with nitrogen for maintenance reasons


Hydraulic control oil module

The purpose of the hydraulic control oil module is to supply, independent from the lube oil system, the needed amount of lubricating oil at the right pressure and temperature to the high-pressure pumps serving the low speed engines hydraulic control oil system installed in the main engine.