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GenSys products in the decentralized energy sector benefit from the experience of mas GmbH in fuel treatment. Thereby many years of experience in power generation system integration and engineering applications guarantee customized solutions.
By providing precise and expert advice during project realization and order implementation, we help you to meet your targets economically, reliably and on schedule.

Our range of electric power generation products include:

  • genset for standby, base-load and peak-load gensets
  • genset for stationary or temporary industrial applications

GenSys can provide the additional benefit of planning, producing and operating everything from single gensets to entire power generating containerized stations.

Our leading expertise in fuel handling and development of fuel treatment moduar systems, optimizes our containerized power stations for various fuels, such as:

  • DO of all grades
  • Heavy fuel oil
  • Crude oil
  • Bio oils
  • Natural gas
  • Bio gas

Power Ranges Container




10 - 3,500

HFO/CO/Bio Oil

900 - 1,620

Dual fuel

400 - 1,200

Natural Gas / Bio Gas

200 - 3,500


Containerized power station concepts

The container power station concept is an efficient and economic system designed for heavy fuel oil or gas fuelled applications.

For special fuel operation, the container represents an economic overall package consisting of a genset and auxiliary fuel processing, in two standardized container. Engineering and design are always adjusted to the requirements on special fuel operation.

The container is heat and noise insulated, and the slim, smooth wall design enables maximum utilisation of the interior space.

Advantages of pgs containerized power generation

  • Time saving installation
  • Flexibility in operation and location
  • Backup systems in combination and integration with renewable energy solutions
  • Operation with high quality components for low maintenance costs
  • Reduced transportation costs
  • Reduced installation and commissioning time
  • Factory tested system

Main components of the power container system

  • Power container
  • Auxiliary system container
  • Optionally:

    • Main isolation/step-up transformer
    • Auxiliary transformer and power distribution circuit
    • Switchgear, circuit breakers and protection
    • Power Plant Control System