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- Toward the future based on the past -

For more than 17 years of our company history, the company name mas- maritime assembly systems GmbH was representative for our product portfolio. With our initial primary orientation in the maritime business, we provided a contribution to the use of functional modules in shipbuilding. We continually expanded our line of systems such that we could ultimately provide all systems necessary for the motors in the periphery of large motors.
We carried over this know-how to land-based power plants in cooperation with the motor manufacturers.
Thus, a gradual parallelism of the sales figures in shipbuilding and power plants developed.
Taking global influences and volatile markets into account, it was necessary to continually further develop ourselves based on our past. This should be expressed with the renaming of mas- maritime assembly systems GmbH to GenSys GmbH and the associated product policy.
With the name, GenSys, we will live up to our beginnings in the shipbuilding industry in the future as well.

Moreover, we provide additional system solutions pursuant to the following overview: