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On Board Services

The refitting or the reorganization of systems for ships already running requires a high potential to know-how and flexibility in the design and production of the modules up to the installation on board.

Not only the technical specifications are implemented; it must be coordinated also exactly where and how much space can be provided on board for the module and the possibilities to fit it into the engine room. If necessary, the modules are also divided into smaller units and installed together only on board.

The retrofit is managed with experience and creativity by our teams so that new systems are installed also during the daily operation on board.


The refitting or the reorganization of systems is prefabricated in modularized style for the assembly on board. The system also is then checked, if necessary in smaller units, on our test bed.

We realize to enlarge existing systems or to tie existing aggregates into a new module when the ship is e.g. located in a shipyard for the retrofitting, to keep the effort and the costs as low as possible.

Installation on board

If the retrofit installation only can be carried out on board when certain basic sizes are adhered to, then the module, as in this case, also in 3 single parts manufactured and put together to a module only on board.

Retrofit + conversion on board

Place is scarce in an engine room. Our engineers and designers therefore develop the best possible technical and most efficient solution together with the shipping companies.
We work with the documents of the existing systems which are provided to us, make a record of detailed measures on board and make drawings.

The prefabricated parts as well as all materials required are arranged and taken, in coordination with the shipping company, on board by us.
The dispatch of the material and the action of our assembly team is planned worldwide after a fixed schedule for the work on board. The work on board is executed, tested and submitted to the crew at sea.

The ship operation is, if interrupted at all, only insignificant when the new systems are taken into operation. Normally this is carried out during the loading and unloading period in the port.

On-board services

For the modules produced by us we offer both the putting into operation on board and the presence at sea trials of the newbuildings of shipyards.

Our service engineers are available with their know-how for module check-up’s and a new adjustment of the whole system.

We also service and calibrate modules of other manufacturers and individual aggregates, like e.g. viscosity control systems.